Rob Pincus - CFS/APH

3 Days



Combat Focus Shooting and Advanced Pistol Handling:

This 3 day program combines the curriculum of the Combat Focus Shooting Course with much of the Two Day Advanced Pistol Handling Program into one 1700 + rnd course.  In addition to exploring the principles and fundamentals of the Combat Focus Program and numerous drills to help students develop a better understanding of the Balance of Speed & Precision, this course will cover the techniques of 360 degree presentation from the holster, one handed (strong & weak) weapons handling, unorthodox shooting positions, utilization of cover, and much more.

Equipment List:

Recommended gear for CFS/APH:

Pistol, with at least 3 magazines for double stack guns, 5 plus for single stacks.

Holster, mag carrier, and other gear of sufficient quality to withstand rigorous training.

Eye and ear protection.

Knee and elbow pads are optional for use during the grounded shooting position work.

1700 - 2000 rounds of ammunition.

Proper clothing and protective gear based on the forecast weather conditions.

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