John Farnam/DTI Instructor

2 Days


DTI Instructor Program Course Description

 This is a two day program, designed to train competent operators to be effective instructors.  Subjects include instructional technique, managing a class, identifying instructional issues and individual problems, coaching students, fielding questions, safety issues, running a class and adhering to the scenario.

 Students will perform a number of shooting drills and be lectured/coached by other students.  Students will be called upon to prepare an immediate lesson plan and deliver a number of off-the-cuff lectures.

Students will become familiar with DTI live-fire drills and range procedures.

Equipment List:

Students will need:


-Backup pistol



-200 Pistol Rounds

-50 rounds for the backup pistol

-20 Buckshot

-5 Slug

-100 Rifle Rounds

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