A Year of Fighting 2014

One Year - $3500


 **Offer ends December 1st, 2013.***

 Take as many scheduled Tactical Response classes in Camden, TN starting January 1, 2014 until December 31, 2014 as many times as you like! Sorry but it does NOT include organizations we host (i.e. John Farnam, etc) OR adjunct instructors (i.e. Bugout 101 by Russ Kolkman). There is a nominal surcharge for assocaited range fees, Force on Force equipment, medical supplies and other class materials.  

 After you register for Year of Fighting 2014 you can also sign up online for all the classes you want.  Just select "Free Class" under payment and in the comments section put "Year of Fighting." 

Watch this YouTube Video below for more information:  http://youtu.be/N3IcuSoRfbk

Equipment List:

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