10 Minute Medicine - Armed Dynamics

1 Day


If you are concerned about the lives of your loved ones, or if you carry a firearm for self-protection, this class is a must take.  From high-speed motor vehicle accidents to gunshot wounds and penetrating traumas, it is an essential that we have skills to keep people alive until a higher echelon of care can take over.  In the interim between injury and the arrival of EMS, it will be up to you to ensure survival of the injured parties.


10 Minute Medicine is a short course designed to provide the medical layperson with the knowledge and skills to rapidly identify and correct common life-threatening injuries to themselves and others in the minutes following a violent encounter.  Topics covered will include an introduction to basic trauma concepts, and introduction to the EMS system, basic trauma assessment, identification and treatment of immediate life threats in a potentially hostile environment, and assembling a personal medical kit.


This class is taught by active paramedics serving in some of the most dangerous citites in America. 

Equipment List:

- Willingness to learn

- Pen & Notepad

- If you have a blow out kit bring it.  We will provide medical materials for use during the class.  Take home kits will be available for sale. 

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