Defensive Pistol I - Armed Dynamics

1 Day


This one day, 10 hour course was designed form the ground up to give you the mindset, tactics, and skills you need to effectively employ your pistol in a violent confrontation.  Through step by step breakdown of technique, dynamic drills, and creative visualization, students will leave this class better prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones should someone try to visit violence upon them.  Both you and your gear will be put through the ringer.


Law enforcement personnel are encouraged to run their duty gear, but may also use their concealed carry set up if they choose.


*We respectfully request that prior to taking this class you read, "How to be Your Own Bodyguard" by Nick Hughes.  It is available on Kindle here: 


Topics covered include:


- 4 Universal Safe Gun Handling Rules

- Loading and Unloading

- Refined Drawstroke

- Fundamentals of accurate speed shooting

- Neural Based Shooting

- Two-handed malfunction clearances

- Dominant Hand malfunction clearances

- Support Hand malfunction clearances

- Dominant & Support hand only shooting

- Fighting to your feet

- Situational Awareness

- Proper use of cover & concealment

- Shooting on the move

- Multiple threat engagements

- Tactics for dealing with multiple threats

- Basic Team Communication

- *Low Light Tactics & Techniques


*subject to range permission 

Equipment List:

- Willingness to learn

- Pistol

- Quality Holster

- Sturdy gun belt

- at least 4 pistol magazines

- Magazine carrier (We recommend single mag carriers.  If you want to carry more than one spare, us two singles)

- Hat

- Clear & Tinted ANSI rated eye protection

- Ear Protection

- Closed toe sneakers or boots

- Sun block

- Pen & Notepad

- Hydration bladder or gallon of water

- 1000 rounds of FACTORY LOADED ammunition

- Tactical light & spare batteries

- A dark colored t-shirt that will be destroyed by gunfire 

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