Defensive Pistol II - Armed Dynamics

1 Day


Your gun handling and weapon manipulation skills are set, now it's time to incorporate stress.  Through dynamic drills, peer competition, and NLP, you will emerge from this class confident in the capabilities of your pistol.  Your speed and accuracy will be periodically measured to mark growth and push your abilities to the limit.  There is a heavy emphasis on team tactics, as well as how to maintain constant tactical pressure on the enemy.  This class will take your pistol handling, shooting skills, and mindset to the next level.


*Important:  This class is physically demanding.

 **Prerequisite:  Defensive Pistol I


*We respectfully request that prior to taking this class you read, "How to be Your Own Bodyguard," by Nick Hughes.  It is available on Kindle here: 


Topics covered include:


- 4 Universal Safe Gun Handling Rules

- Accurate speed shooting

- Neural Based Mindset Solidification

- Dominant & Support hand only shooting while providing protection

- Distance Shooting

- Controlling Bleeding

- Firing from awkward positions

- Stress Inoculaiton

- Threat Discrimination

- Managing Unknown Persons

- Team Tactics

- Tactics for dealing with multiple threats

- Low Light Team Tactics


Equipment List:

- Willingness to learn

- Pistol

- Quality Holster

- Sturdy gun belt

- at least 4 pistol magazines

- Magazine carrier (We recommend single mag carriers.  If you want to carry more than one spre, use 2 singles)

- Hat

- Clear & Tinted ANSI rated eye protection

- Ear Protection

- Closed toe sneakers or boots

- Sun Block

- 1500 of FACTORY LOADED ammunition

- Tactical Light & spare batteries

- A dark colored tee shirt that will be destroyed by gunfire 

Pre-Requisite Courses:

Defensive Pistol I - Armed Dynamics
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