The Way of the Pistol

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5 Days / $1,200


The Way of the Pistol

It was our goal to put together the most comprehensive pistol class in the world and we did it! This is a combination of our Fighting Pistol class (already regarded as the best 2-day class available) and our Advanced Fighting Pistol (touted by our students as the only REAL advanced class available) with some great additions like live fire low-light training, and Force on Force!  This class is perfect for the inexperienced who want to get up to the highest level of proficiency as quickly as possible. It is also a fantastic opportunity for experienced shooters to rapidly increase skills in the areas that are the most important and put new skills right on top. Regardless you will learn more in 5 days here than 10 days at many other schools.

Topics in this class begin and end with a proper fighting mindset. You will be taught TRUE firearms safety, the Survival Principles, shooting fundamentals, grip, proper draw, tactical gun handling, ready positions, malfunctions, proactive and reactive reloads, F.A.S.T., anatomical stopping power, kneeling, primary only and off hand only shooting, turns and pivots, covert ready, ground fighting, shooting on the move in all directions, precision and speed shooting drills, proper use of cover and concealment, firing from retention position, primary only and off hand only malfunction drills, Tueller drill, non-traditional shooting techniques not taught at any other school, drills involving interpersonal violence, hostage rescue shooting, vehicle tactics, home defense, a brief but complete lesson on gunshot wound treatment (blood loss, airway and tension pneumothorax), low-light lecture and practical training, multiple targets, decision making, team work, communication, Force of Force gunfight simulations, and many high stress SWAT/SOCCOM level drills that you won't do anywhere else.

 5 days / $1,150 

 Here are four things you can do to ensure you have a great class:


1. Watch these free videos. This will make your experience MUCH better and will answer many questions.


2. We respectfully request that students have read "The Principles of Personal Defense" by Jeff Cooper before attending class. These and many other items from our gear list are available at


3. You WILL be sent a confirmation e-mail when you enroll. If you do not it is typically caused by your spam filter. Notify us if you do not get e-mails weeks prior to class. You will also receive other e-mail prior to class with additional useful information.


4. For more information about our classes and to read hundreds of student reviews loaded with pictures and video clips join our web forum .

Equipment List:

. One (1) open mind

. A Fighting Pistol

. 2000 rounds of quality ammunition

. Quality Flashlight

. Strongside belt holster

. Eye and ear protection (muffs recommended)

. If you carry a back-up gun bring it and 50 rounds

. Sturdy gun belt (double thickness)

. Minimum of five magazines

. Magazine pouch

. Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)

. Hat and sun block

. Knee and elbow pads (optional)

. Drinking water (Camelback strongly recommended)

. Bug Spray

. Pen and paper

. Firearms cleaning and lubrication equipment

. For FoF - Clothing to cover all exposed skin

. For FoF - Paintball mask (optional) we have loaners

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