The Way of the Rifle

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5 Days / $1,350


The Way of the Rifle

 We had been asked for a rifle class that covered “everything” and this is NOT it! But it is indeed the most complete rifle class that you can take! It mixes our world famous Fighting Rifle, Advanced Fighting Rifle, Intermediate Distance Fighting Rifle along with our low light training to form a class in which has no equal!

 It covers trajectory, battle sight zero, gear set-up, sling configurations, transitions to pistol, use of cover and concealment, practical ready and firing positions, close, medium-range and long distance snap shooting, weapons handling, urban applications, team drills, firing while moving, multiple targets, teamwork, shooting in awkward and tense situations, close proximity tactics, medical aide under fire, shooting your rifle at extended distances, low light tools and their selection, live fire low and no lights drills and a host of other topics!

This class is great for nearly any magazine fed rifle or subgun and any traditional military style rifle. We will show you how to run your MP5, AR, AK, RPK, FAL, M1A, G3, VZ-58 or whatever weapon you have! Yes .22s ARs are fine.


 AR-15 shooters take note: We do not recommend steel cased ammo for our classes. Please check our FAQ for more information.

 Here are four things you can do to ensure you have a great class:


1. Watch these free videos. This will make your experience MUCH better and will answer many questions.


2. We respectfully request that students have read "The Principles of Personal Defense" by Jeff Cooper before attending class. These and many other items from our gear list are available at


3. You WILL be sent a confirmation e-mail when you enroll. If you do not it is typically caused by your spam filter. Notify us if you do not get e-mails weeks prior to class. You will also receive other e-mail prior to class with additional useful information.


4. For more information about our classes and to read hundreds of student reviews loaded with pictures and video clips join our web forum .

5 Days/70 Hours/ $1100.00

Equipment List:

  • Please check on range fee's 
  • One (1) open mind
  • A Fighting Rifle and a Fighting Pistol
  • A quality handheld light
  • A rifle mounted light is ideal but not required.
  • 3,500 rounds rifle and 500 rounds pistol ammo  All ammo MUST be factory loaded!
  • Tactical sling (required)

    Cleaning kit to include a rod to knock out stuck cases

  • Strongside belt holster
  • Eye and ear protection (muffs recommended)
  • Sturdy gun belt
  • Minimum of 3 pistol mags and 6 rifle mags
  • Magazine pouches
  • Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
  • Hat and sun block
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional)
  • Drinking water (Camelback strongly recommended)
  • Bug Spray
  • Pen and paper
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