Joey Glover

  If you think Joey is an Instructor simply because he is James Yeager's son-in-law then you don't know Joey OR James! He had to earn his spot just like everyone else, maybe even MORE than everyone else BECAUSE he is James' family. Joey is a hard working dedicated instructor with a positive attitude, helpful soul and a wicked sense of humor.    Training History:Direct Mentorship with James YeagerMentorship of the entire Tactical Response CadreSuper Dave Harrington HandgunAeolus Defense Long Range John Farnam (Coming soon!)      

Brian Greenwell

    Brian, a native Kentuckian, was an Infantryman in the U.S. Army and was a squad designated marksman. He Deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division where he participated in long range mounted patrols, foot patrols, raids, recon, overwatch, humanitarian missions, and all sorts of grunt stuff. He also worked with local leaders, police, military, and security forces.  After his military service, he worked in automotive manufacturing until pursuing his dream of becoming an instructor at Tactical Response. Previous training includes: Everything at Tactical Response Direct Mentorship from James Yeager John Farnam, DTI Sonny Puzikas, FTC Super Dave...

James Yeager

The MFCEO himself...

Jay "The Nighttmare" Gibson

The NIGHTTMARE!  Security Contractor, Afghanistan-Iraq 2002-2006. U.S. Marine Corps 1985-1994 Scout Sniper, Instructor with 1st SOTG (Special Operations Training Group) Previous training includes: Tactical Response John Farnam, DTI Southnarc, ECQC Sonny Puzikas Andy Stanford Gabe Suarez Tom Givens Blackwater DARC ESI Trojan Security International And many more...        

Tim Morris

Tim "THE BANDIT" Morris is sure to please!