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For questions and to sign up, contact:  838-839-0351  (call or text) 

You can also email any questions to: 



EVERYNIGHT LONG GUN is a two-evening, 16 hour program covering the practical use of handheld lights, pistol mounted lights, and long gun mounted lights.  Long guns that can be used in this class include semi-automatic magazine fed rifles, pistol caliber carbines, pump and semi-automatic shotguns, and lever actions.  Class curriculum consists of a thorough lecture, multiple live fire drills, and team drills.  The relevant material taught in this class has realistic transferability to the world outside the range and will ultimately simplify the use of light while gunfighting.  Each day class will start at 2:00 p.m. and end around 12:00 a.m. 

Prerequisite:  Tactical Response - Fighting Rifle and/or Fighting Shotgun 

Topics covered: 

  • Medical plan 
  • Safety rules 
  • Thorough lecture 
  • Carrying a light, pistol, and long gun 
  • Cover and concealment (and lack thereof)
  • Handheld light techniques with long gun 
  • Long gun mounted light techniques 
  • Using a wall of light 
  • Encountering a wall of light 
  • Locating and identifying a threat 
  • Use of light while on the ground 
  • Moving and shooting 
  • Considerations for shooting with no light 
  • Carrying and using multiple lights 
  • Team tactics 

Equipment list: 

An open mind 

Reliable rifle/shotgun/PCC/lever gun, gun mounted light, sling 

A reliable pistol (semi-auto) 

5 magazines for rifle, 3 for pistol 

1200 rounds rifle ammunition / 750 for shotgun

Reliable semi-auto pistol, sturdy holster 

(Optional: reliable pistol mounted light) 

200 rounds pistol ammunition 

Reliable flashlight and batteries 

(Recommended: SureFire Tactician) 

General purpose flashlight and batteries 

(Recommended: Surefire Stiletto) 

Headlamp (does not need to be expensive) 

2 chem lights (glow sticks, any color) 

Bring food & BOTTLED WATER 

Sturdy belt  

Eye protection (safety glasses) 

Ear protection (electronic) 

Rain and/or winter coat (we train rain or shine) 

Hat (with brim) 

Knee pads (optional) 

Sunblock and bug spray 

Pen and notepad/paper 

Roll of duct tape (any color) 

Tuition:  $600 

Attendance is limited to 14 students. 

For questions and to sign up, contact Brian at 838-839-0351 (call or text). 

If you don’t want to call/text, you can also email any questions to: 

3R OPERATIONS is owned by Brian A. Sayers.  

Brian is an adjunct instructor at Tactical Response and lives a martial lifestyle.   

Brian has been a full time police officer since 1999, serving for both city and state agencies.  

Brian attended his first commercial firearms training class in 1996.  Some of the instructors/companies Brian has trained with:   

James Yeager - Tactical Response 

Andy Stanford - OPS 

John Farnam - DTI 

Clint Smith - Thunder Ranch 

Ken Hackathorn 

“Super” Dave Harrington - Combat Speed LLC 

Larry Vickers 

Don Edwards - Greenline Tactical 

Will Petty - Centrifuge Training 

Fieldcraft Survival 

Ian Strimbeck - Runenation 

Chris Costa - Costa Ludus 

Rob Pincus - I.C.E. 

Massad Ayoob - Massad Ayoob Group 

Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski - Modern Samurai Project 

Instructor Level Courses Brian has completed: 

Multiple State Instructor Development Courses 

Tactical Response - Tactical Firearms Instructor 

Centrifuge Training - VCQB® Instructor 

Centrifuge Training - Low Light Instructor LLC 

Defense Training International - Instructor Program 

Modern Samurai Project - Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance Law Enforcement Only Instructor Course 

Surefire - Master Coach Course  

Brian is a professional stunt actor and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.