Advanced Modern Combat Pistol Program with 'Super Dave' Harrington

Advanced Modern Combat Pistol Program with 'Super Dave' Harrington

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Challenge your Mind & Body at the Advanced Modern Combat Pistol Program by “Super Dave” Harrington of Combatspeed LLC!!

The Program is organized into four (4) phases and conducted over a two-day period;

Phase One: Dry-Fire Training. Empty Pistol & Magazine exercises for critical development of marksmanship ability and basic gun handling tasks.

Phase Two: NO-Fire Training. Incorporating and using Inert Training Cartridges for the inherent value they provide for the successful completion of advanced gun handling tasks.

Phase Three: Integrated Ammunition Training. Blending the use of Inert Training Cartridges & Live Ammunition to receive the desired effect and the desired end state for advanced gun handling tasks.

Phase Four: Live-Fire Training. Live-Fire training focuses on the strict use of Live Ammunition only for exercising the mechanics of shooting for skill development, skill analysis & skill progression firing exercises.

*This Training program is going to be conducted twice at the Tactical Response Facility located in Camden, TN.

*The first class is to be conducted on April 17th & 18th, 2021 & and another separate class conducted again on April 20th & 21st, 2021.

*The Training Fee is; $525.00.

*The Range Fee is; $25.00 per day x 2 = $50.00 (waived for Tactical Response Alumni).

*Kit & Equipment; at a minimum bring your EDC.

*Ammunition Requirements; 500 rounds Live Ammo / 100 rounds ST Action Pro Inert Training Cartridges.

*MAX PARTICIPATION; 6 training participants.

IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR TRAINING SLOT / Contact / or call 1-813-263-6557 ASAP!!!!