Greenlight Tactical - Hosted Classes

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Nightfighter 28-29 Feb 2020

Length: 2 Nights 1600-0200

Cost:  $600 per person


Course Description

Night Fighter 1.0 is an open enrollment class designed for, Law Enforcement, and law abiding civilians. It provides instruction to armed professionals who are looking to become more proficient in no-light/low-light operations. This class focuses on increasing the students’ night vision skillsets during real world operations through lecture and range evolutions. Students will participate in a variety of evolutions to include but not limited to, individual movement, weapons manipulation, use of cover/concealment under NODs and Live Fire drills.

Training night 1 will begin at 3 PM Friday Feb 28th and end at 1 AM Sat Feb 29th Training night 2 will begin at 3 PM Sat night and end 1 AM Sunday morning.  Please plan accordingly.

Night shoots will take place on TN-1 and TN-2.

Pre requisites: A vetted basic level carbine class

Topics covered include

Safety Brief                                                                       

IFF Signaling

Gear Discussion                                                               

Physiology of Night Vision

Zeroing Lasers                                                                 

Thermal Imagers

Square Range Shooting Drills                                       

Selecting peripheral equipment

Reloads and Transitions in no light conditions         


Moving and Shooting                                                     

Individual Movement/Obstacle Negotiations

Equipment Failure Drills                                               

White Light Integration

Shooting through the Tube                                             

Use of Optic Equipped Handguns

Barricade Shooting



Equipment list

Positive attitude

Quality, serviceable Carbine with sling and 800 rounds of quality ammunition.  Weapon light, IR weapon laser, IR illuminator.

Quality, serviceable pistol with holster, weapon light and night sights (red dot is optimal) and 300 rounds of quality training ammunition for each training day

At least 5 quality magazines for your rifle and at least 3 Magazines for your pistol

Helmet (Ballistic or Non) with shroud, night vision goggles or monocular with mount

Body armor or plate carrier.

Eye protection, clear wrap around.

Hand held tactical light

Ear protection.                                                               

Spare Batteries for lights and optics

Individual first aid kit.                                                   

Your active shooter bag or vest (as needed)

Duty/call out gear                                                          

Knee/elbow pads (optional)



Sun block/insect repellent as needed                         

Raingear as needed


Cleaning kit with lube

Notes on gear: You will not be expected to train the entire time in body armor if you do not wish or if weather and heat make it a hazard.  Please have the ability to carry on your body 2 spare magazines for your rifle and 2 for your pistol.  If you have a patrol rifle bag or active shooter bag or kit, please bring it and be prepared to train with it.




SPR/DMR 20-21 April 2020

Camden TN (Tactical Response)

20-21 April 2020



Course Description

Spend 2 days learning to engage targets from 100 to 600 yards with your scoped AR15 rifle.  The Special Purpose Rifle fills the gap between the Rifleman and the Sniper.  With his SPR or DMR, the Designated Marksman is charged with operating within the normal ranges of an Infantry Rifleman and beyond, providing precision fires on point targets in support of his element.  The ideal rifle and scope combination for this course is an AR15 with a 14.5 inch barrel or greater and with a scope of 8X magnification or more.  A ballistic reticle such as a Horus is preferred.

Pre requisites: None

Topics covered include


Marksmanship fundamentals

Zero procedures and theory                                       

Range estimation


Use of optics and iron sights

Shooting positions                                                       

Use of cover

Intermediate and long range marksmanship

Equipment list

Positive attitude

Quality, serviceable AR15 rifle with magnified optic, sling, bipod and 500 rounds of quality match grade ammunition 69/75/77 grain.

At least 3 quality magazines for your rifle (20 round recommended)

Eye protection, wrap around.

Ear protection                                                             

Spotting scope (optional)

Hat with brim or bill                                                  

Kestrel or ballistic calculator (optional)

Duty/call out gear                                                       

Knee/elbow pads (optional)



Sun block/insect repellent as needed                     

Raingear as needed


Cleaning kit with lube

If you are an armed professional who utilizes certain tactical gear during the course of your duties, by all means please bring it with you and train with it.  Not all of the training will require your kit so try to have some pouches to train “slick”.