Ballistic Problem Solving (Handgun) with Paul Markel

Ballistic Problem Solving (Handgun) with Paul Markel

  • $ 550.00


 Class Instructed by Paul Markel "Student of the Gun"

To preserve your life with a firearm you need more than marksmanship skills, you must have the ability to think with a gun in your hand.  We do not want shooting robots, we want intelligent, skillful gun carriers.

Ballistic Problem Solving is all about thinking or problem solving while using a firearm.  The real world is and imperfect place and we must be able to adapt to survive.  This is not a beginner's course, this is a "next level" program for shooters who are ready to move beyound the basics.


You Will Learn:

  • Advanced Training Drills: Learn to Run Your Gun Like a Pro
  • Mental Exercises for the Armed Citizen: Engage Your Brain Before Firing a Shot
  • Judgement Based Target Engagement:  You Own Every Round You Fire
  • Develop Confidence in Your Equipment and Ability to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones