Bug Out 102

Bug Out 102

  • $ 500.00

Tactical Response does not allow the recording of any video or audio during classes

This two day class will leave people amazed at what they can learn over a weekend. We will teach you the mindset, tactics, skill and gear that you need to get TO somewhere or OUT of somewhere in a disaster or emergency. 

We will travel about 8 miles in 2 days at a slow pace with rest stops along the way. This will not be a terribly demanding class but you should be able to walk with your pack on a few miles in slightly hilly terrain to attend this class. If you are not ready right now for a Bugout then you are not ready for this class. Use this as your motivation to get into fighting shape!

Some of the MANY topics covered will include Bugout planning, finding and treating water, wilderness first aid and trauma care, land navigation, shelter construction, fire building, food needs, signals, getting found vs. staying hidden, escape and evasion movement considerations, basic E&E field craft, plus a myriad of smaller topics and plenty of hands on lessons and challenges.

Although we will be in a group in this class it will be an individual effort. What that means is that you will carry your own food, get your own water, and build your own shelter along with many other lessons. This will not be a team event.

There is a “Disaster Preparedness” forum on that we highly recommend you read. It is also a great place to ask questions about the class and the gear.

Here are four things you can do to ensure you have a great class:

  1. Watch these free videos. This will make your experience MUCH better and will answer many questions.
  2. We respectfully request that students have read "The Principles of Personal Defense" by Jeff Cooper before attending class.
  3. You WILL be sent a confirmation e-mail when you enroll. If you do not it is typically caused by your spam filter. Notify us if you do not get e-mails weeks prior to class. You will also receive other e-mail prior to class with additional useful information.
  4. For more information about our classes and to read hundreds of student reviews loaded with pictures and video clips join our web forum
  5. Class Locations:

PAYMENT OPTIONS - You may pay in full for this class on this website or, if you want to pay a 50% deposit, email or call 877-7LETHAL.

*You will only receive a certificate of successful completion by participating 100% in class. Being late, leaving early voluntary refusal to complete drills and other issues involving closed mindedness will result in your not receiving a certificate for this course. A modified certificate will be mailed at a later date at your request.

Equipment List:

This is the minimum you should bring. You can bring anything extra you wish.

  • Your daily carry gear (whatever you have on you right now)
  • Footwear (hiking or trail type)
  • 2 pair socks (non-cotton outdoor type i.e. smartwool)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Synthetic Base Layer (Poly Pro, Under Armor, etc) 
  • Rain gear or Rain Poncho
  • Back Pack suitable to carry your gear
  • Gore-Tex bivvy (sleeping bag cover) OR a 8x6 section of tarp or similar
  • Cold weather sleeping bag
  • Space blanket
  • 2 contractor trash bags or 55 gallon drum liners
  • 25 feet (or more) of 550 parachute cord (mil-spec 7 strand)
  • Water Carrier (Nalgene, Camelbak, Canteen, etc)
  • Headlamp and/or flashlight w/ extra batteries
  • 2500 calories of food that doesn't have to be cooked i.e. Powerbars, etc
  • First aid kit (Boo-Boo Kit or similar) AND a Blow-Out Kit (VOK or similar)
  • Sharp knife OR multi-tool with a knife -at least 2.5 inches
  • Oil Filled Compass (USGI or Silva - basic orienteering type)
  • Toilet paper-half roll, smashed down and inside a zip lock bag
  • Wooden matches in a waterproof case OR a Bic lighter
  • Notepad (Rite-in-Rain)
  • Pencil or pen