Super Dave - Hosted Classes

Super Dave - Hosted Classes

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Combat Speed LLC
4113 West Wyoming Ave
Tampa, Florida 33616
Cell Phone: (813) 263-6557

REGISTRATION; Please contact Dave Harrington / e-mail at OR Call; 813-263-6557.


The focus of the Combat Speed LLC Pistol Program for the weekend of April 25th & 26th of 2020 is the Advanced Use of the Modern Semi-Automatic Combat Pistol.

Be prepared to take Notes!

You are required to provide the minimum equipment stated herein to support the quality and smooth flow of your pistol training;

Critical individual First Aid Items; You need a first aid kit to treat yourself for minor injuries (cuts/scrapes), and a trauma kit w/ items that will allow you to be treated for gunshot wounds and shock. Your kit will be used to stabilize you for transport to the appropriate medical facilities. 

Have a reliable handgun! Have the necessary cleaning, maintenance& repair equipment. I do not recommend using various handguns throughout training.


Have a quality holster and 5 magazine pouches (4 off side / 2 strong side) and a minimum of 6 ea. 15/17 rd. magazines, if you are using any form of single stack pistol, have at least 12 magazines to work with.

Know where your handgun hits. Expect to work as close as contact distance and out to as far as the facility allows.

Have seasonal weather gear, functional clothing, gloves, a vest for concealment work, head gear & suitable foot gear.

Certified ballistic Eye & Ear protection, 2 pairs of each!

Knee and Elbow pads are recommended / not required.

Hand Held Flashlight(s) & Attachable Weapons lights w/extra batteries.

Bring a minimum of 2,000 rounds of reputable ammunition.

Have at least 20 each ST Action Pro inert training rounds, they will be incorporated into training.

Duty uniform & equipment (to include gloves) is recommended for participating military and law enforcement officers.

AGAIN! Be prepared to take notes!  Plan to each lunch at the range on both training days! We will break for dinner on training day one.

When packing out for training, remember; “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”

Training Schedule Brief; 07:30am SHOWTIME for Training Day One! Training day one will progress late into the evening to accommodate Low & No Light work. 09:00am SHOWTIME for Training Day Two! Training day two will run to 1800/6:00pm.

Total Training Fee; $450.00 / There will be a maximum of Twelve / 12 Training Participants!

REGISTRATION; Please contact Dave Harrington / e-mail at OR Call; 813-263-6557.

Kit/Equip/Ammo Shipping Address / Training location

Your Name c/o Tactical Response

116 Woods Avenue

Camden, TN 38320