Super Dave - Combat Speed Training Event

Super Dave - Combat Speed Training Event

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REGISTRATION; Please contact Dave Harrington / e-mail at OR Call; 813-263-6557.


The practical focus for the July 20th & 21st 2022 Combat Speed training event will be the standard operating procedures for the integrated use of the pistol with the M4/AR-15/AK 47 rifle (or Pistol Caliber Carbine) for fighting in urban terrain.

Training participants are required to apply specific reality-based safety concepts and specific training guidance that supports the continuous application of active security and safety measures for getting your weapons into action, keeping your weapons in action, and getting your weapons back into action with confidence and professionalism.

Your technical and tactical knowledge base combined with your confidence, experience, and ability to apply your knowledge is the basis for every decision you make, and action you take to provide an efficient “solution” for a broad range of security/tactical “situations” that may (or may not) require the use of your firearms.

Combat Speed uses firearms training as a vehicle to develop the individual, understanding that once the individual has decided that the firearm should be used “under the circumstances” to perform its designated service, it becomes a matter of exactly how, and when to use the firearm effectively in the least amount of time within their authority to do so.

Combat Speed has developed a training methodology that conditions each individual to function as freely and professionally in training as they are expected to conduct themselves when using a firearm in any capacity without placing themselves or anyone else at unnecessary risk. This aspect alone enhances the individual’s confidence, increases their chances of surviving a hostile encounter, and mitigates the potential for “collateral damage”.

Combat Speed training methodology submerses the client in an environment that places emphasis on developing the participants abilities to; Project their awareness and increase their attention span while remaining calm to concentrate and function under the duress of the inherent danger of firearms training and learn to observe and absorb all of the information constantly being provided by all of the input mechanisms and acquire the mental agility to rapidly analyze, prioritize, decide, and act with synchronized effort in accordance with your authority to apply lethal force.

I have the “on demand” ability to draw on the technical and tactical knowledge base I acquired as a Special Forces Operator and Trainer with the subject matter expertise to meet each training participants wants and needs by creating the appropriate training and learning environment that will allow you to exercise and test your strengths, and identify your weaknesses.

I can clearly communicate the specific what, why, and how to refine your strengths and help you to eliminate your weaknesses by instilling the desire, discipline, and level of awareness necessary for the freedom of thought that will be required of you to become a well-balanced fighter.

Your active participation in any Combat Speed training event is not just an immediate investment of your time, energy, and resources in the pursuit of higher skill; you will be better prepared to take full advantage of any and every future training opportunity.

You are required to provide the minimum equipment stated herein to support the quality and smooth flow of your Integrated Weapons (carbine & handgun) training;

Critical individual First Aid Items; You need a first aid kit to treat yourself for minor injuries, and a trauma kit w/ items that will allow you to be treated for gunshot wounds and shock to stabilize you for transport to the appropriate medical facilities.

Have reliable firearms of reputable manufacture w/maintenance equipment.

Have a quality sling, adequate magazine carriers, and a minimum of 5 ea. 30 round carbine magazines. Know your carbines zero. A 50/200 yard zero is recommended for electronic sites; expect to work at contact distance and out to the maximum range allowed by the specific training site.

Have a quality holster and adequate magazine carriers (2 doubles/4 singles, etc.), and a minimum of 5 / 15 rd handgun magazines or 8 / 10 rd handgun magazines. 1911 Drivers have at least 10 / 8 round or 8 / 10 rd magazines.

Know your handguns zero and where your handgun hits with the specific bullet weight you plan to use for training. Expect to work at contact distance and out to the maximum range allowed by the specific training site.

Have a minimum of 1,000 rounds of ammunition for your carbine and 1,000 rounds of ammunition for your pistol.

Have at least 10 each inert training rounds PER CALIBER; they will be incorporated throughout training.

Hand Held Flashlight(s) & Attachable Firearm lights w/extra batteries.

Have seasonal weather gear, functional clothing and foot gear. Have a 5.11 type vest or suitable garment if you would like to incorporate uniform issues with aspects of concealment. Duty uniform & equipment is recommended for participating military personnel and/or law enforcement officers to include body armor. Knee and Elbow pads are recommended. Be prepared to take notes!

Have two pairs of certified ballistic Eye & Ear protection. EYE PROTECTION MUST PROVIDE ADEQUATE COVERAGE OF YOUR EYES FROM THE SIDES.

Plan to each lunch at the range on both training days! When packing out for training remember; “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”

Rough Training Schedule;

July 20th

7:30am Showtime at the range.

Pistol & Rifle “Check Ride” 8:00am – 1200

Meal 1200 – 1:00

Integrated Weapons Training. 1:00 – 5:00

Meal 5:00 – 6:00

Low & No Light Training TBD based on range constraints.

July 21st

7:30am Showtime at the range.

Integrated Weapons Training 8:00am – 1200

Meal 1200 – 1:00

Integrated Weapons Training 1:00 – 5:00

Range Maintenance / After Action Review 5:00 – Until Complete

Total Training Fee; $550.00 / There will be a maximum of Twelve / 12 Training Participants!

Kit & Equip / Ammo Shipping Address / Training location;

Your Name c/o Tactical Response

116 Wood Avenue

Camden, TN 38320

None of this information may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission by Combat Speed.

If you have received this document from Combat Speed in preparation of an upcoming event, bring this document to training with you.


REGISTRATION; Please contact Dave Harrington / e-mail at OR Call; 813-263-6557.