Surgical Speed Shooting (The Last Andy Stanford Class...EVER!)

Surgical Speed Shooting (The Last Andy Stanford Class...EVER!)

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The Secrets to Shooting Faster AND More Accurately

In just two days OPS flagship handgun course will teach you to shoot your semiautomatic pistol or revolver significantly faster AND much more accurately.  You will learn the same cutting edge tecniques used by Tier One Hostage Rescue Teams and Practical Competition Grandmasters.  Applying a time-tested, building block approach to training, we will not only teach you HOW to shoot fast and accurately, we will also give you the in- depth knowledge you'll need to coach yourself and your shooting partners when practicing on your own.

Subjects Covered:

Ayoob's Priorities of Survival

The Fighting Isosceles Stance

The Defensive Draw Stroke

Slow-,Timed- and Cyclic-Fire Trigger Manipulation Skills

Basic and Advanced Aiming Concepts

"Gear Shifting" based on target size and distance

Follow through techniques

Efficiently trsitioning between multiple targets

Shooting with one hand unsupported

Shooting while moving

Accurate shooting at long distance

Recommended practice drills


Experience with operating and shooting the handgun you will use in this class. OPS Defensive Handgun course recommended but not mandatory.REQ