Surgical Speed Shooting Summit

  • $ 600.00

The Surgical Speed Shooting Summit - An Event by Andy Stanford

 On average, mindset and tactics play a greater role in the outcome of a violent confrontation than do skill or equipment. That said, if you own a gun for self-defense, the ability to shoot quickly and accurately on demand is clearly important. The Surgical Speed Shooting Summit will greatly increase your understanding of how to achieve this goal. Join an all-star team of A-list instructors for this one-time-only training opportunity, and hone your combat shooting and tactical gunhandling skills, plus your understanding of how to train. Tactical Response is proud to host this unprecedented event featuring master trainers including John Holschen, John Hearne, Greg Ellifritz, Michael Green, Claude Werner, Brad Ackman, Michael DeBethencourt, Ashley Emerson, Allan McBee, John Johnston, Karl Rehn, Don Redl and Andy Stanford. Learn cutting-edge techniques and training strategies that will give you the tools you need to develop your ability to shoot effectively in a Real World gunfight.

 Participants will shoot skills drills, rotating through 3 different instructor teams each day. The instructor teams will be composed of the instructors listed plus others that attend. The instructor teams will be different on Day One and Day Two.  Additionally, Andy will personally run the students through a short (daytime) SureFire course of fire, with swag for those who perform the best.

Attendance is limited so reserve your spot ASAP if you wish to participate.

Ammo Requirement: 650 rounds pistol ammo and standard range gear.