Violence Uncensored-1: The Attributes

Violence Uncensored-1: The Attributes

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Advanced FOF class with Sonny Puzikas.

This course is about self-evaluation, objective re-calibration, and achieving actionable competence.

Charting out an individualized, accurate, relevant, and objective matrix of one’s competence within the realm of a violent encounter with firearms takes a methodical approach, which provides one with a clear picture of the hierarchical order of learning and training priorities.

Forward Training Concepts “Violence Uncensored-1” class is a three-day, 22-hour force-on-force course designed to facilitate the acquisition and fine-tuning of necessary attributes through an interactive environment of a two-way force-on-force training.

Utilizing the concept of evolution of competence from developing attributes, learning skills, developing skill sets and all that transforming into actionable competence, this course takes the path of first defining where each student stands as a shooter AND as a fighter with the gun. Through thoughtfully designed drills, each student will be able to diagnose individual issues and problem areas. Drills gradually and progressively will take students from understanding and developing baseline attributes, to a much more complex and chaotic realm of a gunfight. Attributes and components of the distinct stages of actions within the gunfight will be introduced in order to not only evaluate and diagnose, but to expose and eliminate dogmatic habits that impede ones ability to function with efficiency and robustness in a fight.

In three intense days of learning and training, each student will be able to gather enough raw data and relevant results to be able to quantify his/her own competence.

Topics to be covered:

Day 1 (8 hours)

  • Workspace, distance, angulation in a 2 way close quarters gunfight.
  • Access under pressure in extreme close quarters. Crafting a perfect recipe with available ingredients: space, time, angle, workspace, movement, displacement.
  • Earning the access and securing the presentation.
  • Improving accuracy and eliminating impulsiveness.
  • Lecture: low light essentials.

Day 2 (8 hours)

  • Lecture/exercises: Conflict management.
  • The science of the corner- understanding the components of efficient work around the corners.
  • Ambidexterity and vertical displacement.
  • Light as a weapon. Reading the light. Basics of flashlight usage skills.
  • Accuracy with the light.
  • Basics of handgun retention.

Day 3 (6 hours)

  • Forward pressure and control of space in a gun fight.
  • Light-move equation in depth.
  • L, T and Cross intersections.
  • Full profile scenarios.
  • Charting out individual training blueprint.