Advanced Immediate Action Medical

Advanced Immediate Action Medical

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Immediate Action Medical is a PREREQUISITE
We pick up where Immediate Action Medical left off! There is still so much more that may need to be done to save yourself or a loved one.  In Advanced Immediate Action Medical you will learn how to get victims off the X via multiple drags, carries, and the use of litters. You will learn to dress compound fractures and splint broken long bones.  You will learn about pelvic trauma and how to stabilize the pelvis by binding. You will learn to recognize a bilateral tension pneumothorax and how to treat it. We will cover cardiopulmonary resuscitation and hypovolemic shock and how to recognize and prevent shock. You will do these skills in a force on force shoot house DURING FoF Scenarios! Well aimed fire (BADGUYS) is the first step medical intervention.  If you fail to take care of the bad guy, get off the X, and not maintain situational awareness, you may incur further injury and your victim may too! Bring all your current medical gear, and 3 sets of "training clothes" because they will get wet and stained and cut off your body.
NOTE: Although it is never intentional some people are prone mild bruising from proper and effective tourniquet use during the class. It is normal when TQs are properly installed in real life and it is what happen when you train with them correctly. 

You will need:

Open mind and a positive attitude

Clear eye protection


Hand held light

1 box Nitrile gloves

Blue Gun and holster

Multiple tourniquets (4 is ideal if you can). 

4 Pressure bandages (H bandages or Israeli type bandages)

4 rolls of gauze

A Rescue Me (Optional but Recommended) 

EMT shears ( a knife will not work) 

Roll of Duct tape

10 Large Safety Pins

Footwear suitable for hiking

2 Towels and Wet wipes to clean yourself up with between scenarios

Mylar blanket

Pencil and notebook

Knee Pads

Weather appropriate outerwear (some scenarios will be outdoors) 

Plenty to drink


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