Refund Policy = NO REFUNDS
What we want is what YOU WANT. For you to be TRAINED. That is our MISSION! NO REFUNDS It is very simple - don't sign up to train unless you want to train. Unfavorable Weather? NO REFUND.  Acts of God? NO REFUND. You woke up late? NO REFUND. Need a refund? NO REFUND. Bad hair day? NO REFUND. Again...It is very simple - don't sign up unless you want to train. NO REFUNDS.  Valid reasons to reschedule judged on an individual basis and DO NOT APPLY to Acts of God, Pandemics, Weather, Locusts, Terrorist Attacks or ANY OTHER EXCUSE.
We have a Lay-A-Way option for training HERE!

Where do classes meet in Camden TN?
Tactical Response is located at 116 Wood Ave Street Camden, TN 38320 (Phone: 731-441-2557 or 731-676-2041). 
What time does class start?
Our classes start at promptly at 0800hrs unless otherwise directed. What time does class end? Class is done when we cover the material we need to cover but our goal is to be done around 4 PM for most of our classes. Sometimes we run a little long and sometimes we finish a little early. If you plan to catch a flight the last day of class you will either miss your flight or not complete class. 
What class should I take FIRST?
Fighting Pistol ® is our "core" class and we recommend it as the first course from us regardless of your path afterward.
I have several guns, which one should I bring to class?
You should bring the gun you have decided to carry or are most likely to use for self defense. It’s poor planning to train with one gun and then carry another. However, that does not mean that you can only train with one gun. Many students bring two or more. They start with one and switch to another as the class progresses. It’s a good way to find out which gun you can use most effectively.
But I don’t have a gun; can I still take a class?
Yes. We loan firearms (location dependent, please inquire). After the class, you will have a much better understanding of what to look for in a defensive firearm. It is like test driving a car. If you do not currently own one please come and take a class first. You will walk into your local gun shop with plenty of knowledge for a solid purchase.
What other equipment do I need?
There is a full gear list on every course description. Please read it. 
I’m in Law Enforcement; can I train in my duty gear?
You should train the way you will fight. Police and security personnel are encouraged to train with their duty gear. However, you should also consider doing at least part of the training in your “off duty” mode or come back and take the same class again with a concealed carry holster.
Do you train the physically impaired?
Who needs training more!? We are glad to help anyone who needs to be able to fight. Contact us about your needs and we will make it happen. Our students have included the wheelchair bound, people missing fingers, hands, arms and legs as well as people with vision impairments. We are PROUD to make you a better fighter! Video on the Subject:
What type of physical condition should I be in to attend your classes?
As long as you are not under doctor’s order to stay in bed our courses should be fine. Most of our classes have only moderate movement, bending, or kneeling. If there was a particular drills that you couldn’t do because of flexibility or another reason that is not an issue with us. Because most of our courses are outdoor you may need to choose an appropriate time frame. The exception to this is our High Risk Contractor series of classes. They are very physically demanding.
I heard that instructors and students sometimes use foul language. Is that true?
Fucking right! The course material is of a mature nature and we use adult language during the training. Please be advised classes are “Rated R” and POLITICALLY INCORRECT. These are serious subjects and we only need those serious about learning how to win gunfights to attend. If you require more etiquette in your training environment we encourage you attend another school. We do not hesitate to be callous toward ANY sex, race, creed, color, religion...or hair color (attn GINGERS). If you can not accept a good natured ribbing, or you are a fucking snowflake, train somewhere else. You won't get a refund because we hurt your feelings. 99.999% of our students have a BLAST and enjoy their time in class very much. Every once in a while a PC Ninja slips in and cries. We don't care. 
Can I have ammo shipped ahead?
Certainly. Have it shipped to YOUR NAME C/O Tactical Response 116 Wood Ave Camden TN 38320.
Can I buy ammo from you?
Yes we sell ammunition at competitive prices. Please contact us for current pricing.
I heard you guys hate steel cased ammo. Is that true?
Short Version: We RECOMMEND you use ONLY factory loaded new brass cased ammunition (steel is FINE for AKs). We don't "hate" steel but YOU will if you try to use it in your AR-15 in your training class. You may be thinking "I have never had a problem" but don't worry. You will. We DO RECOMMEND steel cased ammo for AKs. RELOADS - We RECOMMEND that you only use factory new brass cased (Aluminum is OK) quality ammo in our courses. If you choose to use reloads you are quite welcome.  However, when they do not work it would be prudent to have enough factory loaded ammo to complete the course. 
I want to buy some gear but I am not sure what I need. Can you offer suggestions?
What should I expect after I register?
The info you need is on the site. You can log in and check it out. If you need further info contact us.
Do you take checks, CCs, PayPal, wampum, etc?
PayPal, Checks, Money Orders and Credit cards are all great. We also take trades on tactical gear, military weapons and disaster supplies. Contact us with your ideas and offers.
Will you hold a class without a deposit?
We will in limited cases for Alumni, Police and Military personnel until folks let us down. You may inquire by contacting us.
Closest Airport to Camden TN?
We recommend Nashville Tennessee as it is 90 minutes away. Memphis TN is two hours and the city of Memphis is very dangerous. Avoid Memphis if at all possible.
Can I get a Military, Police or other discount?
We do not have any standard discounts but if you have extenuating circumstances please contact us. You will get trained. Our training is less costly and more valuable than other schools so even at full price we are a good deal.
Can I hire Tactical Response for speaking engagements?
Yes it is possible. Please contact us with date and locations and to get fees estimates.
Can I fly with my gun there?
Check with your particular airline and TSA for more information.
Can I ship my guns there ahead of time?
Yes, have it shipped PRIVATE CARRIER OVERNIGHT to "YOUR NAME" C/O Tactical Response 116 Wood Ave Camden TN 38320.
Should I bring an extra rifle/pistol or will there be a loaner when mine breaks?
It never hurts to have a spare, especially if you are shooting a 1911, but loaners in different brands in the same caliber are available in most cases.
Do you loan firearms for training?

For Camden classes, yes we do. We ask that only new brass cased (Aluminum is "OK")  factory loaded ammo be used in our loaners guns (steel is fine for AKs)...or your own guns for training. No matter if it is a bolt gun (match grade only), semi-automatic pistol or even our shotguns we have found that brass cased ammo makes all firearm types run more smoothly than steel. We understand that with the AK-47 it was designed for steel so that is OK. We also realize that brass cased ammo typically costs 10-15% more than steel but you have already invested so much in your training why would you want less than the best ammo so you can get the absolute MOST from your investment? If you choose to use steel anyway please do not complain to us that our guns won't work...they work just fine with brass. You are REQUIRED to clean and lubricate your loaner gun after each day of training and before you return it.

  • Century Arms TP-9 Pistol (9mm)
  • Remington 870 Shotgun (12 gauge)
  • Century Arms C-39 V2 (7.62x39)
  • Savage 110 Precision Rifle: (.308 Match Grade)
  • Firearms loan does NOT include the support gear (mags, sling, holster, mag pouches, OR AMMUNITION, etc.) that you need to complete the class. This does NOT include ammunition (yes we have been asked that). Ammunition must be new manufacture (not reloads) for use in our guns. Guns must be returned at the end of each training day. STUDENT is FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for damage or lost gear. We can rent the accompanying gear (Pistol Gear $25 per day, Carbine Gear $75 per day, Bolt Gun gear $100 per day). $50.00 Cleaning for for each gun returned dirty.
Do you recommend taking any training before Fighting Pistol®?
Not necessarily because you might get contradictory information. It is a good idea to watch "Fighting Pistol" on
Do you recommend taking Fighting Pistol® and Advanced Fighting Pistol together or should I wait and practice what is learned in Fighting Pistol® before going further?
People take them back-to-back all of the time and have a blast!
I'm not yet 18/21. Can I train with Tactical Response?
We have no real age restriction. The student must be responsible and if they are under 18 parental supervision may be required. The youngest student we have had was an 11 year old girl. She did very well in Fighting Pistol®. Over the age of 18 you can vote and join the military so you're fine to train with us.
I'm in my 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's. Can I still train with you?
Don't worry that your knee doesn't work or your eyes aren't as sharp as they used to be. If you own a gun for defense you need training. Learning the Mindset, tactics and skills to defend yourself isn't just for young people. As long as you can be safe we want you to train with us.
Why do I have to have a “sturdy gun belt”?
We recommend a double thickness leather gun belt or a nylon “instructor” belt that will support the weight of the gun and magazines.
Can I use a drop-leg/tactical holster?
Yes, but train as you will fight. If you are a Concealed Permit holder taking Fighting Pistol® we want you to carry in class like you carry daily.
What languages are used in your classes?
English only. If your non-English speaking group of 8 or more wants to bring an interpreter you are welcome to organize a private training class. You will have to train separately from the English speaking students because the interpretations takes up valuable class time.
Are your courses “certified”?
This is an odd question for us. Certified by whom? Our company is backed by professional liability insurance and is as “certified” as anyone else. One thing is certain though and that is you will be a certified badass after our class!
Do you offer job placement?
Why don’t we release instructor’s names before a scheduled class?
  1. We don’t want to get accused of a “bait and switch” if one of us gets sick. It has happened and we don’t want to make people think we are being deceptive. We aren’t.
  2. We want to discourage “hero worship”. There are no heroes at Tactical Response.
  3. We are selling a philosophy, not a person or merely a training class. As silly as it will sound to some folks we know in our heart this is the only true American Martial Art. Our classes are far more than just some range time and are called “life changing” by many of our students for a reason.
  4. Don’t worry if a certain Instructor isn’t at your class. It never fails that when we send our cadre to a location the host ALWAYS asks for the same guys back. Why? Because our entire staff is knowledgeable and professional.
  5. It is disrespectful to our team for us to act as if one is a star and others merely underlings.
  6. It is bad business. One person cannot be in five places at once.
  7. Many people feel as if they may be slighted if the “Big Name” instructor for the outfit isn’t at their particular class. For most organization this is true and I understand why. Most folks won’t hire people that are smarter or can outperform them. The difference at Tactical Response is I am not afraid to hire guys as good as or better than me. ALL of my crew is squared away. Look at their bios....many are more experienced than I am…some are funnier too!
I heard some classes are half price tuition. Is that true?

Yes in some cases it is true. To get the classes for half price you must (#1) have already taken it, (#2) come to Camden TN and (#3) it must be a qualifying class.

What classes are eligible for half price tuition?

  • Fighting Pistol®
  • Advanced Fighting Pistol
  • Fighting Rifle
  • Advanced Fighting Rifle
  • Intermediate Distance Fighting Rifle
  • Fighting Shotgun
  • Tactical Instructor
What if I didn’t find an answer to my question?
Contact us.