Back-Up Gun

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Tactical Response does not allow the recording of any video or audio during classes (YouTube Content Creators may with permission).

Ever since watching the movie “The Onion Field” (1979 with James Woods) while in the police academy I, like many other cops, feared being disarmed and killed for not having a back-up gun. Even worse would be watching our partner or family murdered and having to live with that horror. The film is based on an actual event where two bad guys get the drop on two cops and one Officer is disarmed. The other Officer is put into the position that if he doesn’t drop his gun his partner will be shot. It doesn’t end well…

 We want it to end well for you! 

 There are multiple reasons and ways to carry a back-up. For those of you who carry one you may not have trained with it, yet. You certainly have not trained with it at Tactical Response! 

In this 8 hour class topics include the role and attributes of the back-up handgun, anatomical stopping power, movement and communication. Live fire drills include both one and two-handed shooting, shooting on the move, use of cover and concealment, loading and reloading, using both eye level as well as retention techniques, at a variety of ranges and from a variety of body positions. 

 Class location: Classes begin at 0800hrs at Tactical Response located at 116 Wood Ave Street Camden, TN 38320 (Phone:877-7LETHAL ). The Team Room is located at 151 McRae in Camden TN. Please email to CONFIRM your spot in the Team Room (No confirmation equals no bed).

DID YOU KNOW? We have a Lay-A-Way option for training HERE!

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