Fighting Pistol DVD

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The root word to "gunfight" isn't "gun". It is "FIGHT"!

This is the DVD adaptation of the most comprehensive 2-day handgun course in the world. Tactical Response’s Fighting Pistol course prepares you to prevail in a real world violent confrontation and now this DVD captures what Tactical Response has become famous for and it takes you for a one-on-one shooting session with James Yeager. This intensive DVD covers an incredible amount of material so watch it with a note pad!

  Topics include the role and attributes of the handgun, Mindset, Tactics, legal aspects of deadly force, anatomical stopping power, and mental conditioning for combat. Live fire drills include both one- and two-handed shooting, shooting on the move, use of cover and concealment, tactical-emergency-and speed loading, using both eye level and retention techniques, at a variety of ranges and from a variety of tactical body positions.

  WARNING: This DVD is ONLY for serious practitioners of this Art. If you are looking for fancy terms and unrealistic gun handling then pass on this video. This class is about FIGHTING, not shooting.

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