Integrated Weapons Program

Integrated Weapons Program

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S Dave Harrington here, from Combat Speed LLC, Tampa, FL.

I plan to run a two-day Integrated Weapons Program on the Saturday /

Sunday weekend of March 23rd & 24th of 2024.

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“An American Training Program for Integrated Weapons Work”

Based on the totality of my life's experience in the Combative Arts, and the U.S. Army Special Forces, I have done my best to develop this weapons training program in a logical and gradual manner in order to provide you with the opportunity to learn how to develop the specific types of mental discipline, focus & awareness you will need to have, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a well-rounded fighter.

As a participant in “An American Training Program for Integrated Weapons Work” you will learn how to use your tactical carbine and combat pistol to good effect, and use your gear in direct support of everything you should know, and be able to do in respect to getting your weapon into action, keeping your weapon in action and/or getting your weapon back into action based on your assessment & judgement of your immediate tactical circumstances.

“An American Training Program for Integrated Weapons Work” is not a “learn how to shoot” training program. Understand that as a participant in the program, you are fully expected to be able to shoot, as you will be required to hit your target(s) consistently and your overall performance will be evaluated accordingly. Both Strict Marksmanship and Combat Marksmanship are discussed in great detail when it applies, However, marksmanship and/or learning how to shoot is not the primary focus of the program. The driving force behind this program is the understanding that the body follows the mind. It can be no other way. As you train & practice, Mental discipline must be developed and applied consistently.

Therefore, it is critical that one should understand the importance of Mental Organization. Mental Organization is the key to quality performance. Every decision you make and action you take to solve tactical problems, relies on your overall confidence in your physical abilities to apply what you know.

Proper Training will hard wire your mind so that when the time comes, you will have total confidence in knowing that for every decision you make, you will receive the appropriate physical action and/or the “conditioned response” of the body in support of immediately solving the tactical problem as efficiently as possible in real time.

  • The Training Fee for Participating in the Program is $500.00
  • Ammunition Cost; ??? You fill in the Blank…….SD
  • The Ammunition Requirement will be 1,000 rounds per caliber to cover both days. Both Carbine & Pistol. Note! Pistol Caliber Carbines are acceptable for use.
  • The Ammunition consumption rate is estimated at 500 per caliber, per day. Remember, you don’t have to shoot it all to have accomplished your goals!

Specific Equipment to have that will make the flow of your training as
smooth as possible;

  • First Aid Gear!!!!
  • Certified eye & ear protection mandatory (Anti Fog stuff recommended).
  • Shooting gloves recommended (fit is critical).
  • Tactical Garment or Vest recommended for support equipment.
  • Long pants / elbow & knee pads are recommended.
  • Foot gear should provide ankle support and be able to grip any surface.
  • Rain gear as per forecast.
  • Have a Good Quality pistol, 9mm semi-automatic Combat Handgun (your
  • Secondary Weapon). For reference, nothing smaller than a Glock 19.
  • Have a Good Quality Holster, specifically designed for the pistol you are using for training.
  • Good Quality pistol belt that actually fits the holster, and magazine holders.
  • Counting the magazine in the pistol, you need Five (5) 15 round capacity magazines. Note: if all you have is ten (10) round magazines have 10 of them. Make sure that your magazine holders are specifically designed for the pistol magazines you are using for training.
  • Five good quality magazine holders are strongly recommended. For a right-handed firer have three (3) magazine holders to be worn on the left side, and Two (to be worn on the right side in front of the holster). Reverse this for a left-handed firer.
  • Have a Good Quality Rifle caliber and/or Pistol Caliber Carbine.
  • Have a Good Quality Sling Set Up.
  • Have a Good Quality Chest Rig to carry any number of reserve magazines for your carbine (primary weapon).

The Above stated equipment is the minimum required to ensure the smooth
flow of training. 

If you simply do not have, or cannot afford to purchase additional equipment, bring what you have and we'll figure it out. 



Targets & range materials will be provided by Combat Speed LLC.
Show Time at the Range for Training will be at 7:30 am / GO Time for
Training will be at 8:00 am both Saturday & Sunday.

For Registration email;