Layaway Training

Layaway Training

  • $ 25.00

Use this as a way to build up credit and put it toward the Tactical Response class of your choosing. If you would like to purchase more credit than $25 just add multiples to your cart. Keep up with your balance, and when you're ready to register for a class just send an email to with the dates of the class. 

NOTE: Keep up with your OWN BALANCE instead of emailing us. Please. 

Please Understand Before You Commit to Layaway: You are laying away a FULL PRICED class(es). We do not finance sales or discounts. To explain fully, when you enter into a layaway we accept you making $25 payments, for as long as it takes you, for you to build up credit for a class. We are not a bank BUT we are HAPPY to do this for you. Since we do not charge interest, or any fees for this service we enter into the agreement with the understanding it is for a full priced class(es). 

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