PS&ED Use of Force Civilian Instructor Certification

PS&ED Use of Force Civilian Instructor Certification

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Are you looking to obtain the knowledge of Use of Force and de-escalation concepts and be certified to teach the PS&Ed Use of Force course to your students? Are you an instructor in a state like New York or Maryland that is now requiring you to teach use of force content to your students? This course is a must for any instructor that teaches their students any level of force from martial arts, through less lethal, and up to firearms! Even if your students are justified to defend themselves, or others, that does not mean they wont be detained or charged, sued civilly, or have people publicly disagree with what they did! Their life will change in more ways than one. You can give them the higher level of thinking that Matt teaches.


This course is taught by Matthew Mallory, a currently sworn law enforcement officer, law enforcement academy director, and a New York State DCJS/MPTC Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. Matt is a graduate of the Massad Ayoob Group MAG-20 and a MAG Certified Deadly Force Instructor, he has worked in the courts for many years, as a law enforcement officer, and as a civilian was voted by his fellow jurors to be the foreperson in a jury trial in 2023. With putting in hundreds of hours in developing the Use of Force end-user course and certifying many hundreds of people around the country as instructors, for the USCCA, NRA, UTM, SABRE, and TASER, the demand from many of those instructors is why this Civilian Instructor Certification Course has come to fruition.

This course is based on Matt’s many thousands of hours of training around the world – in the military and law enforcement – and he continuously attends training nationally in self-defense and firearms, both as a student and as an instructor. He constantly meets with judges, sheriffs, DAs, and people who are survivors of deadly encounters. As well, he regularly interviews people on his IMDb listed TV show Meet The Pressers. Matt is also a weekly guest every Wednesday morning around 6am on the Syracuse Morning News with Dave Allen, and a guest on many other national shows discussing self-defense and the Second Amendment.


The course deals with the responsibility to make proper decisions with regard to the use of force in an ever present reality, and is not lessened by the fact that the armed citizen must make these decisions under the worst of circumstances. Residents of all states will learn that their use of force will be subject to scrutiny from both inside and outside the Criminal Justice System. Criminal and civil prosecution may be the result if the individual’s actions are deemed unlawful or inappropriate (excessive force). Yet, failure to use force when it is reasonable and necessary may very well mean injury or death to the person and/or innocent civilians. This course will help you demystify the penal law and understand how-to and when-to respond to life-or-death situations.


The black letter of the law can be confusing to read much less teach. Matt will demystify this and give you tips for teaching boring law to your students and even more important, helping your students to retain the information when it is most needed. The justification to use deadly physical force (DPF) as a defense against deadly physical force is just the tip of the spear! Matt coins the Four Horses of Your Apocalypse, case law, and actual cases across the country and how they played out in court and in the personal lives of those effected. He breaks down the law in layman’s terms making it easy to understand. He will cover other terms that he has coined such as Three Steps Behind, Pyramid of Priorities, and RFISO among others. Fused with thought provoking scenarios and real life stories, this knowledge will be a helpful tool if you or your students are ever presented with a similar situation. Those who decide to defend themselves with or without a firearm, in or outside of their home, must know how it will play out in real life both in the courts and with the jury of public opinion (the 3rd court). Matt will teach you his higher level of thinking so you can pass this crucial info onto your students so they are not in the fight in the first place. However, if you or your students are in the fight Matt teaches you how to win the war afterwards.

Classroom Time: 8 hours (5 hour end-user course, 1 hour instructor development, 1 hour teach backs, and 1 hour written test)
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Verified Instructor Certification (NRA, USCCA, or Government)
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What is Included:
 Certification Status, Instructor Certificate, End-User Class PowerPoint, and End-User Student Certificate
Certification Term:
 Renewed in short refresher online or in person every 2 years
Matthew Mallory