Red Dot Pistol Instructor Development

Red Dot Pistol Instructor Development

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Taught by Don Edwards

2 Day Class - 0800 - 1700

Red Dot Sights on pistols are becoming more and more common.  This session is designed for Instructor Development and is designed to make instructors proficient in the intricacies and nuances of the red dot equipped pistol.

Prerequisites - You will need to have taken a Basic Pistol Instructor Course prior to attending or be an experienced pistol shooter.  Student should be able to shoot “The Test” on a NRA B8 target and score <85 (10 rds, 10 yds, 10 sec) prior to attending this course.

Topics Covered Include -

  • Safety Brief 

  • History, Theory, Current Technology, and Concepts behind why Red Dot optics work.

  • Optic, Adapter Plate, and Backup Irons Sight selection

  • Proper Installation and Maintenance

  • Teaching methodology on how to find the Dot

  • Calling your shots and Tracking the Dot 

  • Reloads and Transitions 

  • Driving the gun/dot for multiple shots

  • Precision at distance and Speed up close.  How to improve both for your students.

  • Graduates will receive a student packet and electronic lesson plans and materials.

Equipment list -

  • Positive attitude

  • Red Dot equipped Pistol with 3 magazines minimum.

  • Sturdy belt and holster and 1-2 magazine pouches.

  • 1000 rounds of ammunition for your pistol minimum.

  • Eye protection, wrap around

  • Ear protection, muff style are recommended

  • Water & Lunch (as needed)

  • Sunblock/insect repellent as needed

  • Rain gear as needed

  • Notebook/pen

  • Cleaning kit with lube


Graduation Requirements

  • Must be able to pass a written exam with a score <85%

  • Must be able to pass the shooting requirements on TD2 with a score <90%

  • Students that pass these requirements will be provided a certificate of Graduation.

  • Students that do not pass these requirements will be provided a certificate of participation.