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  If you “Bugout” with your family with no plan, and have no place to go, you become a refugee. I have said for many years, that if something happened, that Tactical Response Alumni could come to Camden TN. I stand by that. The purpose of this project is for you to have a place and a plan of your own.  

  You are ALL people I would harbor during a storm...even without this Community. This is you helping me to have a guaranteed "room reserved" for you. You will not get a deed and will not own property but you can have a badass cache, tiny home, RV, etc. on the property as long as it doesn’t look trashy.


 The land will be independent of Tactical Response. Tactical Response, however, will pay a lease to the Community for use of the ranges. This lease will fund the daily operation of the land. Tactical Response will also take care of the ranges (mowing, roads, etc.). 

 The membership application costs are low right now because there is work to be done. This includes your immediate family (spouse and kids). The one time application fee will rise over time. This thing is happening. Do you want to be a part of it? A part of the beginning? 

Membership Application Cost: $2,000
Yearly Membership Costs: To Be Announced (Low, Nothing Crazy)

WATER - Communal well as well as the land having two creeks. Other well could be dug easily. 

SEWER - Several spots could share the cost of a septic tank and or PortaJon 

POWER - Certainly we would have power as part of the plan.

ACCESS - You will have unlimited access to your spot.
RANGE USE - Unlimited* (As long as it doesn’t interfere with classes). 

COMMUNITY - You will be privy to member only events and assistance. 


  1. Fill this out:
  2. Mail the completed form and your check or M.O. made payable to “Birdsong Range LLC” to:
Tactical Response
Attn: Birdsong Range
116 Wood Ave
Camden, TN 38320

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