Kayla Lewis

  Kayla shot her first firearm when she was three years old and took her first formal firearms training class when she was nine. She got her first carry pistol, a Robar Glock 19, when she was in the 8th grade. She has been able to carry a concealed handgun daily since she was 18, and she has.

 Kayla took an interest in all things medical after her first “Immediate Action Medical” class in 2007. After becoming a mom and realizing she had the stomach for it, she went to nursing school and graduated with honors. She was a Nurse in corrections followed by home health. She is now running Tactical Response’s social media department and oversees the medical curriculum. You will find her featured in our Immediate Action Medical video (Available on DVD, LiberTV and YouTube).

 She has spent her entire life being mentored by her dad, James Yeager and has taken nearly every course Tactical Response has to offer and most have been taken multiple times. She has also trained with Andy Stanford, John Farnham, Tom Givens, and Rob Pincus.

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