Sight Seeing!

I’ve been doing some thinking lately (yes, I know that sounds dangerous) about sights and what we need them for. Bear with me on this, but we need to use our sights to make accurate hits on whatever we’re aiming at. Using sight alignment and sight picture in conjunction with a proper trigger press and follow through is what allows us to brag to our friends about how much of a better shot we are than them.

The thing that has been itching my brain lately, and what started this little post, is that we have to actually be able to SEE our sights for us to do those things! This is why we are such big fans of the sights offered over at XS Sights. If you have followed us for….well really any amount of time, then you know how much we dig the Big Dots offered by XS. 

For most of us, the first thing we think of when not being able to see our sights would be a low/no light situation. While XS Sights do excel in this area, what I’m going to talk about is what we’ve seen and heard time and time again from students going through our force on force class. The Fight is a scenario based class that puts students in situations that you may encounter in everyday life, and all of our sim guns are fitted with XS Big Dots. Without fail, what we hear from students, particularly from those who are used to running traditional notch and post sights, is “All I remember is seeing that giant golf ball!” 

Due to being thrown into a novel situation where there are consequences, damage to ego and actual pain from the sim rounds, the students get a small dose of adrenaline and will sometimes have some light effects such as tunnel vision. Having sights that are designed to draw your eye to it and fight against some of the negatives of the adrenaline dump is an absolute MUST if you are taking your protection seriously. Even if you’re not a fan of the Big Dots (which is weird. Why are you weird?) XS offers great notch and post sights in their F8 and R3D 2.0 product lines. Personally, I think the F8s are the best notch and post sights on the market and would be my pick if I couldn’t have a Big Dot.

So, if you guys are looking for some sights that you’ll be able to see in a stressful situation. Sights that are intentionally designed to help you fight against the effects of adrenaline and are useful in any lighting condition then go check out their website and take advantage of the sale they’re running right now! (The time of this writing is July 1st and the sale ends July 8th 2024)

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