Brian Greenwell

  Brian, a native Kentuckian, was an Infantryman in the U.S. Army and was a squad designated marksman. He Deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division where he participated in long range mounted patrols, foot patrols, raids, recon, overwatch, humanitarian missions, and all sorts of grunt stuff. He also worked with local leaders, police, military, and security forces.  After his military service, he worked in automotive manufacturing until pursuing his dream of becoming an instructor at Tactical Response.
Check out his interview with Kayla HERE
Previous training includes:
  • Everything at Tactical Response
  • Direct Mentorship from James Yeager
  • John Farnam, DTI
  • Sonny Puzikas, FTC
  • Super Dave Harrington, Combat Speed LLC
  • Don Edwards, Greenline Tactical: Red Dot Pistol, Low Light Pistol, Nightfighter
  • Gunsite - 250 (Marksman 1)
  • Mas Ayoob - MAG 20
  • Craig Douglas - ECQC
  • Aeolus Defense - Long Range Basics, 32 hours
  • NRA certified pistol instructor
  • Clint and Heidi Smith, Thunder Ranch: Instructor development, Urban Rifle
  • Surgical Speed Shooting Summit with John Holschen, John Hearne, Greg Ellifritz, Michael Green, Claude Werner, Brad Ackman, Michael DeBethencourt, Ashley Emerson, Allan McBee, Karl Rehn, Don Redl and Andy Stanford.
  • Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Development Course

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