Joey Glover



  If you think Joey is an Instructor simply because he is James Yeager's son-in-law then you don't know Joey OR James! He had to earn his spot just like everyone else, maybe even MORE than everyone else BECAUSE he is James' family. Joey is a hard working dedicated instructor with a positive attitude, helpful soul and a wicked sense of humor. His experience will happen quickly; in his first year he taught over 1,000 students. 

 Check out his interview with Kayla HERE!

  Training History:
  • Direct Mentorship from James Yeager
  • Tactical Response Classes - Too Many To List
  • Super Dave Harrington - "Effective Gunfighter"
  • Aeolus Defense - Long Range Basics
  • Gunsight - 250
  • Thunder Ranch/Clint Smith 40 hour Instructor Development
  • John Farnam - Handgun
  • Greenline Tactical - Low Light Handgun
  • Greenline Tactical - Night Fighter
  • Shiv Works Craig Douglas ECQC
  • Mas Ayoob - MAG20
  • Surgical Speed Shooting Summit with John Holschen, John Hearne, Greg Ellifritz, Michael Green, Claude Werner, Brad Ackman, Michael DeBethencourt, Ashley Emerson, Allan McBee, Karl Rehn, Don Redl and Andy Stanford
  • Greenline Tactical DMR
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Development Course
  • Student of the Gun Instructor Development Course
  • Greenline Tactical DarkLab
  • 3R Operations Everynight Pistol

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